Embrace the future of techno with Antimodus, an innovative independent record label founded in 2021. We’re dedicated to crafting techno music that embodies the essence of the genre, with a distinct emphasis on hard-hitting, dark, and driving beats. Our sonic journey takes you to united raves in dimly lit cellars, where flickering lights set the mood.
It’s a rave that’s unapologetically tough, relentlessly dark, and blazingly fast. This is Antimodus, where the pulse of the underground techno scene finds its home.

Our music is a time-traveling fusion of the past, present, and future, maintaining a constant connection to the core of techno. It’s a sonic force that defies resistance, creating a relentless surge of energy that ignites the dance floor and forges a fierce sense of unity among ravers.

Antimodus Records is your portal to a relentless, unyielding rave experience. Join us as we redefine the boundaries of techno music and set the dance floor ablaze with our savage sound.
We are Antimodus, and the future of techno starts here!