AM003-D “Global Infusion“
Release: March 29, 2024

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Hailing from the industrial tapestry of western Poland, RARÓG emerges as a Techno luminary with a musical journey deeply entrenched in the shadows of dark sounds since his early days. Navigating through Ambients, IDM, Drones, and even the realms of EBM and Black Metal, his artistic expression finds solace in the unconventional. Pioneering the forefront of electronic music, techno luminary RARÓG has propelled himself back into the limelight with the debut of his latest creation, the „My New Weapon EP.“ This four-track masterpiece is poised to redefine contemporary techno, showcasing RARÓG’s unmatched ability to craft immersive and electrifying soundscapes that push the boundaries of sonic exploration.

Mastering by – Mike Grinser at Manmade Mastering, Berlin
Artwork by – Artur James

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