AM003-D | March 29, 2024

>> AM003-D is now available! <<

Aszent, the electrifying techno duo renowned for their dynamic live performances and mastery of hardware machines, is gearing up to drop their latest sonic masterpiece, „Global Infusion.“ Seamlessly blending classical and contemporary techno elements, Aszent promises to deliver an immersive sonic experience that will captivate audiences worldwide.

AM002-D | Febuary 23, 2024

>> AM002-D is now available! <<

Hailing from the industrial tapestry of western Poland, RARÓG emerges as a Techno luminary with a musical journey deeply entrenched in the shadows of dark sounds since his early days. Navigating through Ambients, IDM, Drones, and even the realms of EBM and Black Metal, his artistic expression finds solace in the unconventional. 

AM001-D | January 12, 2024

>> AM001-D is now available! <<

Introducing „ANTIMODUS Imprint #1“ – a groundbreaking EP featuring mesmerizing tracks by Aszent, Läserstein, RARÓG, and PEIX. Immerse yourself in the inaugural release of our digital series, where hypnotic and driving techno beats converge to set the tone for the future of ANTIMODUS. Elevate your auditory experience – stay tuned for a sonic journey like never before.

AM009 | August 30, 2023

>> PEIX – Fobia | Visualizer by Digistitcher <<

Abstract and wavey visuals by video artist Digistitcher.

AM009 | August 8, 2023

>> Review by Nicola Raponi <<

From the forges of ANTIMODUS Records is about to release Z.U.K.A. EP, the latest work by Portuguese  producer PEIX. An obscure release of which they preview a track…

AM009 | August 1, 2023

>> AM009 by PEIX coming soon <<

With his dark sounds and striking appearance, he fits into the garb of the label. Including Remix by TÖRIA…

News | June 4, 2023

>> FAZEmag Interview – Survival Adventure with Niclas Erlandsson <<

Niclas Erlandsson is an up-and-coming live techno act and mastering engineer. In his sets and productions, the Swede takes…

AM008 | February 24, 2023

>> AM008 is now available! <<

With the following release, the Scandinavian Niclas Erlandsson brings a mystical sound reminiscent of the past times of the vikings. The opening track does not come in the classic 4 to the floor robe, the title creates with the brute drum beats and classic…

AM008 | February 23, 2023

>> Video Premiere | Niclas Erlandsson – Vitorm <<

The stunning music video shows once again that ANTIMODUS not only attaches importance to the acoustic, but also the visual component plays a major role in the label. The video for the single was shot in Sweden, near the…

AM007 | September 30, 2022

>> AM007 is now available! <<

People, machines and music are always evolving. This is a law of universe that never changes. Läserstein and Antimodus Records are taking the next step. The Berlin Live Duo Läserstein presenting three excellent pieces of music can be found pressed into black gold. An artistically high-quality overall…

AM007 | September 22, 2022

>> Video Premiere | Läserstein – CLSC <<

The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new music video from LÄSERSTEIN. “CLSC” comes off the Berlin-based live duo’s new EP, Behind The Black Curtain, out now on Antimodus. Highlighting the ever evolving symbiosis of man and machine, the duo delivers…

News | September 2, 2022

>> Podcast LT_29 with Läserstein <<

Episode number twenty-nine of the Living Techno podcast is out now, for this chapter let us introduce you to the german techno duo from Berlin – Läserstein

News | June 18, 2021

>> Läserstein Live Performance 2021 presented by ANTIMODUS <<

An apocalyptic atmosphere – no people in the ordinarily busy streets – no humans in the clubs of this world – this spell is broken by Läserstein. Antimodus presents a recorded Läserstein Live Performance from May 2021 from the Kesselhaus in Potsdam…